Welcome to OSI

We believe it is truly an honor and a privilege to work with you, our clients. It is because of this belief that we endeavor to understand who you are, where you are now, where you want to be. With that clear understanding we will provide you with the support, ideas, a sounding board, whatever it takes to bridge that gap. But not just any bridge, one that is strong, sustainable and specific to your needs.

Your greatest asset is your people. We work with people. We work with leaders, executives, managers and the people in the trenches. They all play a critical role in sustaining success. We want to partner with you to motivate the multitudes, create intentional change, maximize performance and increase the bottom line.

Effective Leadership Begins Here.

Our Vision
Every business conversation or encounter is real, authentic, truthful and has life changing connection.
Our Mission
We will succeed on a foundation of trust and integrity where we listen and seek to understand our client’s real needs and wants.
The OSI Methodology
The OSI Methodology

An initial discussion sets the stage for the terms of engagement. It’s important to set the expectations in the beginning so there are no road blocks to moving forward. We then move on to one of several insight tools/assessments to acquire understanding into your personality characteristics.   We follow up with a 360 assessment and utilize a number of follow up coaching sessions to address the findings. Both the understanding of your characteristics and how these influence how you interact with others, or are perceived to be by others, are explored. These coaching sessions are very specific to addressing the behaviors that we seek to modify or omit based upon what is required to be more valuable and successful for himself and the organization.   Secondary reviews ideally take place no sooner than the seventh month into our coaching, are with the client, his immediate supervisor and two of his direct reports. This openness really helps to build trust and creates an arena of awareness that people want to do things differently and to create success for all.

The OSI Commitment
Our commitment to you is that we will, together:
· Build a foundation of trust
· Make you feel heard
· Have safe, open and honest conversations
· Unlock your potential along with growth opportunities
· Establish and achieve personal, inspiring goals with tangible results
Founder Jim Jenkinson
Over these past 30 years Jim has developed a very strong sense of what successful teams require to be just that “successful”. His ability to connect with people at a deep level create profoundly real relationships, Jim’s level of integrity and honesty creates a willingness for clients to be open and honest. He is a good listener, empathetic and has had clients request their corporations to approve more time with him.

Coaching has allowed Jim’s clients to improve their personal relationship thereby having fewer distractions at work where safety was an issue. His clients feel when they’re leadership abilities are nurtured or discovered they become more confident and the willingness to explore and try new tools. Jim encourages management to recognize and talk about how they are showing up, to listen to the pulse and make observations versus pushing their agenda.

Jim and his coaching practice, over these past 9+ years, does focus on developing those qualities and behaviours for successful organizations.

His work is delivered locally, regionally and nationally to a diverse group of clients that include:
· Hi Tec
· Manufacturing/Fabrication
· Oil and Gas
· Real Estate/Financial
· Transportation

Jim’s accreditations, qualifications and memberships include:
· Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
· Certified Executive Coach (CEC)
· Graduate Diploma Education
· Member in good standing – International Coaching Federation
· Mount Royal University Business Advisory Committee Member
· Calgary Health Trust Board Member Peter Lougheed Hospital
· Rotary Member Calgary Downtown Club

Our Partners
imgresEssential Impact is an internationally award-winning, corporate coaching company based in Vancouver Canada, with a national network of affiliated coaches and facilitators. We work with organizations worldwide to develop and sustain a coach approach within their culture, which enables people to identify, actualize their personal goals, and achieve stellar company results. Just as every organization is unique, so is every coaching program that we co-create with our clients.
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