OSI - Jim Jenkinson

About Jim Jenkinson

Jim brings to the table what he has learned over 35 years with organizations ranging from Global businesses to community – based not for profits with a creative, enthusiastic leadership style. With these strengths Jim has started and developed three successful companies. He has subsequently sold two of them and currently continues to pursue his passion for coaching through his company Owen Solutions Inc. Over the past decade, Jim’s passion for coaching has focused on developing, within organizations, those qualities and behaviours that lead to success. Through decades of experience, Jim has developed a very strong sense of what leaders and teams require to be ‘successful’.

His ability to connect with people at a deep level creates profoundly real relationships. Jim’s level of integrity and honesty leads to a willingness for clients to be open and honest. He is a good listener, empathetic and provides a safe environment for personal growth and development. Jim brings passion and experience to his role as a leader for executive coaching. Coaching has allowed Jim’s clients to improve their professional and personal relationships. His clients feel when there leadership abilities are nurtured and developed, they become more confident and have the willingness to explore and try new approaches. Jim has worked Internationally. He was a National Sales Manager for a Large Manufacturing Company in the Electrical Utility Sector. He opened offices across Canada and put in place Sales Teams to operate within the 4 distinct selling regions of Canada. In addition, he developed American associates to support his Canadian initiatives with success. He has also held numerous Regional and VP positions in the packaging, print, technology, and manufacturing sectors that include Quebecor, Xerox and Crain-Drummond. Jim is an active Rotarian with extensive volunteer commitments. He is a year-round avid skier who has created a sanctuary for his family in their cottage at Pigeon Lake.

Effective Leadership Matters

· Executive Coaching
· Succession Planning
· Leadership Development
· Sales Coaching
· SDI Trained Facilitator (A Best In Class Leadership Insight Tool)