What we do

OSI is committed to focusing on the greatest asset of your company…your people. We will work with you through authentic, real conversations designed to uncover any assumptions, personal perspectives, expectations, or limitations which will provide insight into the specific issue requiring attention. Most important throughout this process is that the interactions are harmonious, designed to improve relationships and create more successful behavior.

A plan or strategy is then agreed upon with ongoing support and accountability based on the desired result. The result will have true value for you, the client, optimizing performance and creating lasting and sustainable success. We will partner with you on the road to being the best version of you; you can be, providing clarity and vision along the way.

How we do it

Connecting with people at a deep level develops profoundly real relationships, our level of integrity and honesty create willingness for our clients to be open and honest. In the course of the journey we have a track record of creating long term relationships, of being a participant and not just an observer. Our intent is to create a strong successful team that makes a difference.

We identify, then provide and deliver, the skills to give your key individuals strong, winning leadership that benefits the entire organization. This kind of leadership is the connection that creates the alignment between employees and staying ahead of the production curve.

Certified SDI Facilitator

People are Complex; Relationships Don’t Have to Be

TotalSDI is based on powerful yet simple approaches to helping individuals and teams develop the awareness and skills they need to build more effective personal and professional relationships. It helps them sustain those relationships by understanding the underlying motivations of themselves and others under two conditions – when things are going well and when there is conflict. Our approach helps people recognize they are free to choose behaviours that accommodate their values, while also taking into account the values of others.

People are complex, and that can make interacting with people challenging. At times, it can make them downright difficult.

The most important conversation is the one you are engaged in, engaged in with trust, intimacy, rapport and connection, where you are the critical source of information. Transformation, personal power, clarity, understanding and success are waiting.

Building a team is easy. Building a team with cohesiveness, flexibility, open communication, leadership skills, problem solving and shared goals can be challenging. Keeping the team on track while building confidence in members starts with setting clear expectations.

Why choose us?

  • We believe people are a company’s greatest asset and the greatest productivity comes from developing individuals strengths and capabilities
  • We will develop your team by asking them to stretch and have the conversations most people avoid
  • We will create a custom solutions based on who you are and what your needs are
  • We will empower your team to challenge their thinking, their beliefs, and their assumptions
  • To ensure continued success, accountability and action plans will be set in place

Our Happy Clients

While our group of companies has been successful for 35 years in the construction supplies industry, the acrylic stucco products of our Cano Coatings division is all new – new technology, new product, new player in the market, and, we launched during the worst recession in eighty years. With the help of Jim Jenkinson from Owen Solutions we were able to build a marketing program, execute a product launch strategy and generate substantial excitement for the line. We found Jim’s no-nonsense approach and understanding of client behavior to be invaluable to us. We enjoyed the process too, and would happily recommend him to others facing similar challenges.
Jim Jenkinson of Owen Solutions Inc. worked with me and most of my direct reports. His one-on-one in depth interviews of key personnel, and everyone they interact with, provided insight to me and to the individuals involved that have led to significant improvements in productivity, effectiveness and synergy within our team. Jim showed seven ‘rough around the edges’ oil patch professionals that they could indeed develop new habits and receive feedback through a program of individualized coaching. I continue to use his services and recommend him enthusiastically.
Jim Jenkinson designed a process, then walked around our company completing a survey on everyone in our maintenance group from Toronto to Vancouver. He was our ambassador and fixer. We needed to know what was going on in our branches, with our employees and with our processes so we could fine tune our operation, retain employees, and bolster morale in the process. Done, on all accounts. Jim leveraged a discussion with me over a cup of coffee - about our primary Human Resource issue, employee retention - into an innovative and valuable process for our company. Jim worked with a number of our key management and front line personnel as he developed and tested his diagnostic tools appropriate to the task. Jim's skills and implementation tools brought us data, action steps and a roadmap we could follow to build and strengthen the best team we could get....the one we already had. The project became larger than we first thought it would be - our choice - and a good one. Jim completed the project on time, on budget and delivered a very tangible result that began making a difference long before he rendered his final report. Our relationship with Owen Solutions Inc. will continue on ongoing assignments, as needed, because we would happily use them again. I recommend Jim Jenkinson without hesitation.
I have known Jim Jenkinson throughout his business career. Not very many people who work with you for five years stay connected for thirty years. My association with Jim is a warm one based on my enjoyment of him as a man who makes a strong contribution to his community, but as a clear thinking and effective executive, manager and consultant. Some people ‘get it’ while far too many don’t. Jim is one of those people who ‘gets it’. We are encouraged by the successes of Owen Solutions Inc. and are open to working with Jim on projects of mutual interest.
Jim Jenkinson, as a major account representative, provided our organization with print service and related technology equipment. His orientation to service and supporting the client needs of our organization was commendable. His approach is engaging and team oriented. Jim's extensive business knowledge is very evident and should provide good value to any organization that requires assistance in those areas where his expertise would benefit. It is my pleasure to provide a personal and professional reference for Jim Jenkinson who I have had the pleasure of knowing and transacting business with over the past ten years. On a personal note I have found Jim to be an individual of integrity who is truly dedicated to the interest of his clients.
I have known Jim Jenkinson personally since 1957. Jim has cultivated an extensive network at the strategically placed executive level. He has the ability and persistence to open doors. In addition to his career successes, he has been a committed volunteer as far back as I can remember. Jim has shown a commitment to education not only for himself. He has encouraged and mentored others towards attaining education goals. You never have to wonder where you stand with him, both personally and professionally. He has worked in the not-for-profit and private sectors. He thrives on the challenges offered by both.